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6 Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Do you want to increase the value of your house? If yes, you must consider upgrades—like painting your home’s exterior—which will enhance its overall appearance. It may sound simple, but it can significantly transform your house’s curb appeal. It will also protect your home from several external elements, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for many of the problems you might face as a homeowner.

Below, we have listed the top six benefits of painting your home’s exterior!

1. Increases your home value- As a homeowner, your house is the most significant investment you will ever make, and every renovation will increase its value. A fresh paint job will enhance your house’s curb appeal, thus increasing its selling price.

Moreover, a nicely painted house surely attracts many potential buyers once it is on the market. It looks enticing to your neighbors, passers-by, and everyone looking at your home.

2. Protects your home exterior against weather- Extreme weather conditions and fluctuations daily can cause a lot of damage to your house, especially in Central Oregon. High-quality exterior paint acts as a shield for your house against these elements. Basically, the paint coat acts as a protective layer that resists these harmful elements. It prevents moisture and mold from entering your home and protects your home against dust and insects.

3. Changes the style- Your style and trends might have been different when you first moved into your home which has more than likely changed. Painting your home’s exterior with a color you love will allow you to update your home as per your current taste and style. Additionally, fresh exterior paint can transform your house’s aesthetics for good.

4. Fixes the problem areas- Your home’s exterior may have some minor and hard-to-spot problem areas like mold, dry-rot, broken siding. While performing their job, your painting professionals can help point out these issues to you, which you might have otherwise missed. Now that these issues have been brought to your attention, you can get them repaired and get a nearly problem-free home while getting your house painted. 

5. Preserves your siding and trim- Your home’s siding and trim are very vulnerable to the sun, water damage, and other harmful elements. You must look into these issues to maintain the outstanding curb appeal of your house.

Remember, cleaning and properly maintaining your siding and trim will not be enough to get that fresh look. You will have to coat them with high-quality exterior paint regularly. Ideally, every 7-10 years. Using a sheen such as Satin will help reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays and provide you with the longest-lasting paint job. It will also give a brand-new look and protect the siding and trim from harmful outdoor elements, thus increasing the durability of your home. 

6. Protects against peeling and staining- Paint starts to peel and develop water stains over time, requiring a new paint job. Before actually painting your home’s exterior, a professional painter will remove the peeling paint, prime the bare wood surfaces, fill any holes or cracks, and power wash the entire home allowing for an optimal substrate to allow paint to bond and cure properly. And, once you have a fresh coat of paint, your siding paint is less likely to peel and fade over time. You will have an enhanced visual look of your house for many years to come.

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