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How Often Should You Paint Your House?

Nothing can transform your home better than a fresh coat of paint. However, painting can be an expensive activity. Therefore, you must consider several factors before you repaint your home. If you’ve just had a fresh coat of paint done, you might be wondering when’s the next paint job due.

Below, we have given a detailed analysis of these factors, which can help you determine when to schedule your next paint job.

1. Exterior vs. Interior- You may believe that exterior paint wears off faster due to exposure to adverse weather conditions. However, this may not always be the case as exterior paints are infused with additives, making them weather-resistant and more durable.

Exterior paint wears off faster in regions with extreme high and low temperatures, drastic changes in weather daily, or heavy rainfall. In such cases, you will have to paint your house more often.

2. Underlying Substrates: Most exterior substrates such as siding and trim come pre-primed out of the factory. On exterior repaints after scraping and sanding any peeling or blistering paint it is imperative to prime these exposed bare wood surfaces before painting. This helps ensure paint adhesion as well as paint longevity. It is also as important, especially with new construction interior walls after being textured, to be primed before painting. This helps interior paint adhere to the wall and ceiling surfaces.

3. High Traffic Areas- How often you paint the interior of your home depends on the wear and tear. The more lived-in and use a home gets, the sooner you will have to paint. By use, we mean touching or washing the walls. Hence, the ceiling paint typically lasts longer than the walls as you may not even touch the ceiling at all.

Also, remember that you may not use every part of your house equally. For instance, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens are used more than other areas of the home. Therefore, the paint deteriorates faster in these areas.

4. Members In Your House- It may sound like common sense, but the more people living in a home, the quicker the home’s interior paint will break down. If you have toddlers or growing children in your house, they are most likely going to touch the walls, and get dirt and grime on the walls. It will make the wall dirty, and you may try to wash or clean it. The washing and cleaning of walls is recommended, but it comes with a cost as it slowly breaks down the walls paint.

5. Quality of Paint- The type of paint you use majorly affects how often you paint your house. Applying a good high-quality paint is most important on the exterior of your home as it is subject to mother nature’s harmful effects. A good exterior paint job should last anywhere between 7-12 years, depending on sun exposure, prep work, location, and quality of paint used. Using high-quality paint on the interior of your home is equally important. Applying a high-quality paint allows for better washability, durability, and touch-up ability if having to touch up small areas before the next paint job.

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