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Keeping Your Interior Walls Clean After A Painting Project


After hiring interior painting services, you want to keep your property’s walls looking new. The best way to do that is by cleaning them with the right tools and products.

Interior painting is key to any home improvement project and can add value to your home. However, if not correctly cared for, the interior painting can become dull and lose its luster. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some tips you can follow to keep your interior painting looking like new. Keep reading!

How Often Should You Clean Your Walls

Painted walls should be dusted and cobwebs removed as part of your regularly planned activities at least once a month—twice a month is much better. Weekly cleaning of the grime and smudges around light switches and doorknobs is recommended.

Before Starting

You can dust every sort of paint finish. The best cleaning method depends on the paint type and finish. Choose the appropriate paint kind, then look for pre-cleaning suggestions in the lists below.

Interior Wall Paint Types

  • Paint Made Using Oil: Used frequently in high-moisture situations; more resilient than latex paint and holds up well to repeated cleaning
  • Latex Or Water-Based Paint: The most popular type of interior wall paint; less water-based cleaning-friendly but more resistant to peeling and breaking than oil-based paint.

Interior Paint Finishes and Types

  • Flat Versus Matte: They have a surface that is almost chalky in appearance and lacks gloss; they are challenging to clean during cleaning, avoid using strong chemicals or high pressure.
  • Semi-Gloss: Reflects light with a perceptible shine; great for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and trim; withstands dampness and all but the most corrosive chemicals.
  • High Gloss: A good choice for furniture, cabinets, and trim; leaves a strong and lustrous surface; is the most durable finish; is simple to clean with soap or a solvent.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Bucket
  • Sponges or microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum or duster
  • Melamine sponge
  • Step stool or ladder


  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Laundry borax

How To Clean A Latex-Painted Wall

  • Remove Dust

Dust and cobwebs can be taken down starting at the top of the wall using a vacuum with an extension wand, a dusting brush, or a microfiber duster. To access high places, always use a solid step stool or ladder.

  • Combine A Cleaning Agent

Pour one quart of warm water into a bucket and add one teaspoon of all-purpose cleanser. Clean water should be added to a second bucket.

  • Utilizing A Circular Motion

Wring out the sponge or microfiber cloth after dipping it in the cleaning solution to prevent water from spilling. Working in small sections, move down the wall, starting at the top. Drip-fall away from previously cleaned areas is avoided by starting at the top. Regularly rinse the sponge.

  • Clean The Walls

A second sponge or towel should be dipped in the clean water and squeezed until almost dry. Moving along the wall, rinse any soapy traces.

  • Resolve Severe Soiled Areas

Ensure the electricity is turned off and clean the area surrounding outlet plates and light switches. Keep these places from getting very damp.

If smudges and scuffs are challenging to remove, carefully massage the area with a damp sponge after dipping it in baking soda. The issue should be resolved by the baking soda’s mild abrasive action.

It’s adequate to remove dirt from painted surfaces near doorknobs and trim work using a little rubbing alcohol and a sponge.

  • Wipe And Rinse

Start by cleaning the top of the walls after dipping a sponge or microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution. For a final rinse, proceed with a sponge immersed in plain water and thoroughly wrung off.

  • Defeat Robust Stains

Add two tablespoons of laundry borax to the cleaning solution if the walls are unclean. On glossy or semi-gloss oil paint finishes, a melamine sponge (Mr. Clean Eraser) works effectively to take dirt off of them. The abrasive action will remove nearly all scuffs with a gentle touch.

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